Anti-Microbial Application Protocols

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Protocols include, wiping, spraying or misting on virtually any surface.

The EPA estimates that the concentration of pollutants (like volatile organic compounds) inside a building may be two to five times higher than outside levels.

Are you putting people at risk for illness resulting from inadequate sanitation?

With rising rates of hospital deaths linked to infections like C.diff and MRSA, facilities need to pay more attention to hygiene. Microbes return within hours after traditional hygiene protocols.

Enviro-Protect™  offers a nontoxic, EPA-registered solution to inhibit the growth of microbes

Inhibit Growth of Unwanted Microorganisms by 99%

Improper cleaning protocols place workers, patients and visitors at risk for transmittable diseases. Microbial regrowth begins within hours after cleaning. Enviro-Protect™offers a lasting solution.

Enviro-Protect™ is a unique, nano-technology-based, anti-microbial treatment for all surfaces in your facility. Applied after cleaning, it inhibits 99.9% of illness- and odor-causing micro-organisms.

With sharply rising rates of hospital deaths linked to infections like C.diff and MRSA, medical and other high-risk facilities are paying increased attention to hygiene.

Anti-microbial applications

Most building maintenance professionals can learn application procedures in a single one half-day training session.

Enviro-Protect™ can be part of regular building maintenance. Applications are effective for as much as 90 days in most areas.

Railings, countertops and other high-use areas may require reapplication once a month. Other areas can be treated quarterly.

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The CDC estimates that 5 percent of all hospital admissions result in infections that patients acquire during their stay while receiving treatment for other conditions, culminating in 1.7 million infections and 99,000 deaths each year as well as $28–$33 billion in excess costs. North Carolina Department of Public Health

As more diseases become drug-resistant, it's critical for businesses, companies and healthcare facilities to find ways to mitigate the risk of your constituents' health be jeopardized by transmittable infections. Airborne and waterborne diseases place people's health in danger. Infectious diseases are particularly problematic in the very places people need to go for care, such as hospitals, rehab centers and physicians' offices.

Enviro-Protect™ is a nanotechnology based method for inhibiting microbial growth without drugs or poisons. Its unique properties attack the cellular structure of microbes and inactivate their ability to reproduce.

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