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Enviro-Tech Services™ provides the number one floor safety treatment protocol in the world. Applied to ceramic tile and other aggregate floor surfaces, it reduces slipping hazards. Our anti-skid floor treatments will not crack, peel, chip or discolor with age. No set up, curing or drying time is required, and there is a two-year warranty. Enviro-Safety Grip™ treated floors are actually safer wet than dry, and exceed OSHA and ADA requirements. Our treatment often lowers both general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. ADA tax credits may be available.

A Few of the Federal Requirements For Floors

#1910.179 “Footwalks shall have a walking surface of anti-slip type”
#1910.236 “All walkways shall be maintained in a non-slip condition”
#1910.261 “All walkways shall have non-slip surfaces”
#1910.261 “Steps with non-slip surfaces shall be provided”
#1910.265 “Floor and platforms around tanks shall be prevented from becoming slippery”

One of the requirements under Title III of this act is that floor surfaces in public buildings have a coefficient of friction at or above a 0.6 level for surfaces and 0.8 for ramps. Most public buildings do NOT meet this level on their entrances, lobbies, restrooms or kitchens. The Enviro-Safety Grip™ protocol can ensure that your facility meets or exceeds all ADA requirements for non-slip floors. Plus, you can earn tax credits while reducing liability and costs.

IRS tax credits and deductions for compliance with ADA requirements:
Small businesses can deduct up to $15,000 for removal of architectural barriers to the handicapped including modification of the floor surfaces to make them comply with the non-slip guidelines. Certain small businesses can receive a tax credit up to $5,000 for money spent to comply with ADA regulations.

“35% of all work-related injuries are from slip and fall accidents, which account for 65% of time lost from work.”

United States Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Costs of failing to comply with ADA’s requirements:
• Penalties of up to $45,000 for the first violation and up to $100,000 for each subsequent violation.
• Legal costs and damages awarded to individuals in lawsuits.
• Increases in Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance Premiums when accidents occur.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an average slip and fall injury costs roughly $28,000, putting financial strain on individuals as well as companies where such an injury occurs.

Benefits for Using Enviro-Safety Grip™

• Water- based
• ADA and OSHA compliant
• Odorless and colorless
• Non-toxic technology after drying
• Prevents bio-film buildup
• Two-year Warranty

A study by W.J. Fisk and A.H. Rosenfeld (Estimates of Improved Productivity and Health from Better Indoor Environments, Indoor Air, Vol. 7, pp. 158–172) reports that the cost of upper respiratory diseases to the nation’s workforce in 1995 was $35 billion in lost work—plus an additional $29 billion in health care costs.

The study estimates that more healthful indoor environments could reduce these costs by 10%-30%.

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According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), 55% of all slip-and-fall accidents occur as a result of floor surfaces. The most likely slip-and-fall victim is an elderly individual (defined as someone over 60 according to the ADA).

The new floor traction standards are currently in the final stages of approving a new product labeling standard entitled ANSI/NFS B101.5. Once approved, product labels will look similar to the gas gauge in your car and will have three distinct ranges... "HIGH", MODERATE", and "LOW" traction.

Enviro-Safety Grip™is water-based, odorless, colorless and nontoxic. An application easily and safely provides a non-slip, glossy, finished surface; offers UV protection; prevents the growth of mildew and molds; and eliminates the need for solutions such as non-skid strips, rubber mats, surface etchings, or toxic epoxy-based coatings.

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