Anti-Microbial Products and Services

Delivering better sanitation and safety

Enviro-Protect™ and Enviro-Protect RTU™ are the first long-term, non-poisonous, anti-microbial protection products registered by the EPA for all porous and non-porous surfaces. Non-toxic and water-based, they employ nano-technology to inhibit the growth of nearly all micro-organisms that cause odors and could lead to illnesses. Applied after cleaning, a single treatment inhibits the growth of new bacteria, mold, fungi, and algae for up to 90 days. Enviro-Protect™ and Enviro-Protect RTU™ contain no phenols, alcohols or heavy metals such as nano silver or colloidal silver. They are EPA-registered, field-tested, non-leaching “bound” technologies. Our factory-trained managers and support staff manage periodic applications. We automatically schedule projects and provide preventive maintenance.

Sanitation & Disease Control

Preventing Hospital-Acquired Infections

Enviro-Protect™ and Enviro-Protect RTU™ are unique, nano-technology-based, anti-microbial treatments for all surfaces in your facility. Applied after cleaning, they inhibit 99.9% of illness- and odor-causing micro-organisms. Ideal for high-use, infection-prone environments.

Protect Porous and Non-Porous Surfaces

Inhibit the Growth of Hospital-Acquired Infections

A study by W.J. Fisk and A.H. Rosenfeld (Estimates of Improved Productivity and Health from Better Indoor Environments, Indoor Air, Vol. 7, pp. 158–172) reports that the cost of upper respiratory diseases to the nation’s workforce in 1995 was $35 billion in lost work — plus an additional $29 billion in healthcare costs.

The study estimates that more healthful indoor environments could reduce these costs by 10-30%.

Long Term Residential Facilities

People Restricted to Indoor Living

"Anti-microbial resistance (AMR)—the ability of micro-organisms to find ways to evade the action of the drugs used to cure the infections they cause—is increasingly recognised as a global public health issue which could hamper the control of many infectious diseases. — World Health Organization

Safeguard your facility from harmful growth of mold, mildew, fungi, algae, and bacteria—all of which can cause staining, odor, discoloration, and illnesses. In just one easy application, the Enviro-Protect™ protocol provides highly durable, long-term protection for virtually any surface. Now you can stop diseases before they have a chance to spread.

Moist Environments

Stop the Growth of Mold and Mildew

Gyms and health clubs where people exercise, perspire and bathe are perfect environments for certain types of microbial growth to flourish. With equipment, mats and other shared equipment there is opportunity for unwanted infestations.

You may be at risk for heightened liability, if you're not proactive about stopping micro-organisms in their tracks. Now you can do the right thing for your clients and your business by treating your facility with Enviro-Protect