Partners and Opportunities

Delivering better sanitation and safety solutions

Partnership opportunities with Enviro-Tech Services™ offer additional services to your existing customers as well as expand your business by providing critical safety and sanitation solutions.

To Become a Preferred Distributor

If your company currently provides building management and maintenance services to your customers, you may quality to become an Enviro-Tech Services™ preferred Distributor.

Become a Preferred Distributor

When you sign up to become an Enviro-Tech Services™ distributor and installer, you will be able to help your customers meet and exceed required levels of compliance with Federal and State requirements. With our Enviro-Protect™ you can help reduce the spread of diseases. With our Enviro-Safety Grips you can ensure your facilities meet the ADA required friction coefficients.

You can provide greater safety and sanitation while increasing your profits.
• You can help companies be eligible for IRS tax credits and deductions for compliance with ADA requirements.
• You can help facilities lower their risk of spreading infections and diseases and the accompanying financial burdens.

Enviro-Tech ServicesProvides Training to Partners

Contact our headquarters today. We will train your team so you can expand your business opportunities, help your customers meet safety regulations and make your company more profitable.

Partner Training Request

Your customers may be in danger if they fail to comply with ADA’s requirements. In addition to being responsible for causing injury they may incur:
• Penalties of up to $45,000 for the first violation and up to $100,000 for each subsequent violation.
• Legal costs and damages awarded to individuals in lawsuits.
• Increases in Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance Premiums when accidents occur.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an average slip and fall injury costs roughly $28,000, putting financial strain on individuals as well as companies where such an injury occurs.

Benefits for Using Enviro-Safety Grip™

• Cut down the occurances of Hospital Acquired Infections
• Reduce potential risks to workers and the public
• Meet ADA and OSHA compliance requirements
• Use non-polluting and non-toxic solutions
• Lower the occurances of slip-and-fall injuries
• Prevent bio-film buildup
• Provide a two-year Warranty

Facilities at Risk

Relevant News Stories

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), 55% of all slip-and-fall accidents occur as a result of floor surfaces. The most likely slip-and-fall victim is an elderly individual (defined as someone over 60 according to the ADA).

The new floor traction standards are currently in the final stages of approving a new product labeling standard entitled ANSI/NFS B101.5. Once approved, product labels will look similar to the gas gauge in your car and will have three distinct ranges... "HIGH", MODERATE", and "LOW" traction.

Enviro-Safety Grip™is water-based, odorless, colorless and nontoxic. An application easily and safely provides a non-slip, glossy, finished surface; offers UV protection; prevents the growth of mildew and molds; and eliminates the need for solutions such as non-skid strips, rubber mats, surface etchings, or toxic epoxy-based coatings.

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