Frequently Asked Anti-Slip Questions

Yes, SSC is an environmentally-friendly product that may contribute to the LEED® Green Building Certification System. ENVIRO-SAFETY GRIP™ contains no VOC’s and has no fumes or odors. It is an entirely GREEN product
Depending upon the porosity of the surface on which it is being applied, average coverage is 350 square feet per gallon for a single coat. For a double coat, approximately 175 square feet per gallon.
For surfaces such as bathtubs or shower stalls that will not encounter heavy abrasion or scratching a single coat will suffice. For areas receiving heavy traffic or which may encounter scuffing, scratching or other abrasion, two coats are suggested.
After application, the ENVIRO-SAFETY GRIP™ floor can handle foot traffic within 4-6 hours. Full cure requires 24-48 hours and the treated floor should not be subjected to intense abrasion until the solution has fully cured.
For best results, suggested application method is a low-nap roller (1/8th inch). For application details, please see our application page within this site.
Depending upon the amount of traffic the coating will receive, the lifespan will range between one to many years before needing local reapplication in more heavily trafficked areas. Areas that become scratched or scuffed may be retouched as needed to remove any marks.
No, ENVIRO-SAFETY GRIP™possesses UV protection and a two-coat application, once cured, is virtually impossible to chip or peel off.
Yes absolutely. In our internal testing, ENVIRO-SAFETY GRIP™ did not show any signs of degradation after a full six days of full submersion under water!
Yes, we have a vegetable matter based solvent/extract that softens the coating. It can then be scraped off into clumps and wiped away.
ENVIRO-SAFETY GRIP™is a crystal clear and glossy product that is designed to maintain the beauty of the original flooring. The more coarse formulas (03 and 04) will be slightly more visible than the less coarse ones (01 and 02) but still nearly invisible.
ENVIRO-SAFETY GRIP™is among the most slip resistant solutions available on the market today for Coefficient of Friction. Our ENVIRO-SAFETY GRIP™01, the least slip resistant formula available, has tested at 1.015 in a slip meter test on a wet vinyl wood composite floor board. ADA standards are 0.6 on this scale.
Caring for your ENVIRO-SAFETY GRIP™ treated floor couldn’t be easier. See our care and maintenance page within the site.
The product will last for one to two years in storage but you must be sure to vigorously shake the container prior to application as the aggregate can begin to “hard settle” on the bottom of the container. Be sure to look to see that there is not an opaque area at the base of the bottle before using.
Store between temperatures of 40F to 90F.
Please contact us for information about becoming a ENVIRO-SAFETY GRIP™ partner.
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